Contracting Parties: 

The charter contract is concluded between the client, on the one hand, and the owner of the yacht. 

Obligations / protocols: 

We stay obliged, by the UAE Coast Guards, to obtain one of the valid identity of client, therefore, the client shall present his/her passport, a copy of his/her passport, UAE Resident Permit or UAE driver’s license before getting on board the hired sports fishing, cruise or yacht. 

The client is obliged to confirm the number of guests who will be accompanying him/her on board, at least 24 hours before his/her trip. 

We recommend our clients/lessee to declare the age groups of their guests who will join them on the yacht especially children in their party. 

The yacht shall be deemed to have been handed over from the moment the client/lessee has moved onto the yacht with his/her companions/guests and the luggage. 

The children shall remain the sole responsibility of their parents or guardian. The groups consisting of one adult and a child (or children), less than eighteen years, may need to book a professional crew member to assist if no family friend is available to board along. If you are in this situation, do explain at the time of booking, if you are not asked for all participants’ ages upon booking or arrival. 

We shall not be held responsible for any liability or additional expense they may be caused by injury, sickness or death. Further, we regret to accept liability for any personal harm or injuries either caused to you or your guests while having recreational activities either on or off the board. These may include any sort of sporting, fishing, swimming, or any other activities. 

Wearing of flat shoes is recommended. We strongly discourage wearing of shoes with heels as they can track in dust, dirt, mud and even tar etc. that can deface the yacht’s interior or its deck. However, our guests may bring a pair of clean slippers or soft sandals to wear onboard.

On chartering with us, we complement our clients with services of the yacht’s captain and a crew member, the equipment for fishing and snorkeling and refreshments that include water, soft drinks and ice. 


It is mandatory for our client to pay 50% of the cost of trip or cruise at the time of booking while balance cost shall be paid before the scheduled departure time. 

Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment. 

Cancellation Charges: 

72 Hours prior to the booking date and time: 20% of the total charter amount. 

48 Hours prior to the booking date and time: 50% of the total charter amount. 

24 Hours prior to the booking date and time: 100% of the total charter amount. 

In case we fail to provide the yacht on the agreed date because of unseaworthiness as a consequence of damage incurred during the previous charter or because of any other reason beyond our control, we shall provide the client: 

– A yacht that is at least of equivalent standard/capacity, 

– Refund the charter fee or, 

– Provide due assistance in rescheduling the trip, 

However, the client shall not have the right to assert any further claim for damages. 

Clients shall acknowledge the captain’s authority at all times. All navigational affairs remain under his sole authority as well as all equipment onboard and its use. The captain has the right to prohibit any activity 

Deemed unsafe. Any kind of antisocial behavior shall also be discouraged, strictly. The captain is liable to inform the police about any such behavior and has also the authority to cut the trip short if deemed necessary. All such decisions remain at his sole discretion. 

Online Payments: 

Delivery/Shipment Policy 

-(Website) will not deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”. 

– Multiple shipments/booking may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement. 

UAE Law abidance: 

Our clients are advised to ensure their strict abidance to the following laws and practices of UAE, while on board: 

– UAE law makes Captain and crew member contingent mandatory for charters. 

– Individuals, on board, shall not exceed the quantity mentioned in the charter of registration. 

– Individuals, below the 21 years of age, shall remain under the supervision of a devoted adult. 

– Refrain from violating UAE regulations regarding consumption of alcohol and fishing.

– All types of pets and animals are strictly prohibited from taking on board.