The World Islands


What Are The World Islands, Dubai? 

Sitting off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf, the World Islands are a collection of small islands designed to look like the world, with each island name after its corresponding country. 

Like most things in the city, the World Islands Dubai are artificially-made by Nakheel Properties. The islands were created by dredging sand from the shallow waters of the Gulf and transporting it to the designated spot, with several million tonnes of rock to keep them in place. In total, there are 300 islands in the World Islands Dubai.

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The Project of Sheikh Maktoum 

The project of the World Islands Dubai was initially formulated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. He unveiled the project in May 2003. However, the project is still incomplete as multiple developments are still ongoing. 

World Islands’ Current Developments

Although work commenced in 2003, development halted in 2008 due to the financial crash. 

However, many projects have been recommencing since then, including the Heart of Europe. This project will see a few islands in the World Islands Dubai transformed to replicate Europe – even down to fake weather conditions, such as snow and rain, to feel like you’re in Europe. 

The Heart of Europe project will include building luxury hotels, private mansions, and floating villas designed to transport guests to different European destinations, such as Monaco, Venice, and Sweden. While this project is still under development, it will be extraordinary once it’s complete. 

The Anantara World Islands is the most recently completed development on the World Islands Dubai. Located in the South American region of the islands, this luxury resort boasts 70 accommodation styles that all open up onto a private beach. The resort is so secluded and private that the only way to get there is for guests to register their passports and arrive by private boat.


Can You Visit The World Islands in Dubai? 

Yes, you can. It can be arranged if you are staying elsewhere in the city but still want to visit the World Islands Dubai. 

Lebanon Island, the only island to be completed before work stopped in 2008, is where you can spend the day enjoying its beach club, swimming in the pool, dining at the restaurant, and relaxing on the beach. 

Lebanon Island is also available for exclusive hire for corporate events, weddings, or private gatherings. With private yachts available, you can also organize boat tours to see the surrounding deserted islands. 

Stay in The World Islands in Dubai? 

Can you stay in the World Islands Dubai? 

Yes, there is one luxury resort where you can stay on Lebanon Island. 

Anantara World Islands is the first resort to open on the World Islands and is Anantara’s second-largest resort in the city after its inaugural property on Palm Jumeirah. 

Unlike other resorts in the city, even though Anantara World Islands is only 15-minutes from the city’s shoreline, it’s incredibly secluded and only accessible via a speedboat. 

Nobody can enter the island without registering their passport, ensuring that guests are guaranteed the utmost privacy and security. 

Immersing the chain’s Thai roots with the essence of Emirati tradition, this resort is elegant and stylish. With 70 rooms opening up to a private beach, tennis courts, spa treatments, a cinema under the stars, and the ultimate privacy, what more could you want from a resort in Dubai? 

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