Yacht Rentals for Birthdays: Tips for Throwing Your Dream Yacht Birthday Party in Dubai

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Yacht Rentals for Birthdays: Tips for Throwing Your Dream Yacht Birthday Party in Dubai

Regardless of birthday or anniversary, big or small, extravagant or reasonable – celebrations are always special. A yacht birthday party is the best thing to celebrate your birthday in a super luxury way.  Milestones hold a very special place in everybody’s life and should always become a memoir for a lifetime. Celebrate your birthday on board a yacht in a way that leaves people to rave about for years. 

Nothing compares to sharing a celebration with your friends and family like a private party aboard a yacht rental in Dubai. Throwing your dream birthday party in Dubai on board a yacht is a great way to spend time with friends [and family] while enjoying the mesmerizing view of Dubai’s sky rising architectural wonders and coastline.

But, the following are some things you need to know about yacht rentals for birthdays. Follow these tips to create memories for a lifetime this birthday:

Yacht Birthday Party Theme

There are so many options you can add to your yacht rental party to make it the best. The personalized party is always the best. JoJo yachts is an expert at hosting amazing themed parties aboard their fleet. Need some ideas? Casino, Nautical, Masquerade, Pirates, to name a few are just some of the more popular ideas. For a birthday party, consider balloons, Bollywood theme complete with scrumptious dishes. Amenities and décor ideas onboard are endless.

Figure Out The Guests In Advance

You should always create the ultimate guest list for your yacht party! Mix as many people as you can from family, friends and work associates. The number of people you invite will help you in choosing the right yacht to host the birthday bash. But, it is always recommended to always have your guest list planned out well in advance. Take time to think about who you’re inviting. When you know the number of guests, easily you can figure out space configuration.

Bring Your Own Supplies If Needed

This is optional, but can make your yacht birthday party more lively. The yacht accommodates only the necessary supplies such as drinks, food, and other dining necessities, But some themes and activities call with your own supplies – so you can bring your own. Also, although the yacht service will provide dining ware, if you want to bring your own based on the theme you have decided – you’re again free to do so.

Create Your Own Playlist

Take some time and create the perfect playlist. This will help you and your friends and relatives enjoy all the more. You will also be able to tap your feet to the tunes you love. Schedule a time to dance and choose lively songs during this time. If there’s a time for dinner and cakes, choose more relaxing songs for these moments. Our event planners will work with you so you can entertain in style.

Plan Your Activities

No yacht birthday party is complete without some activities and games. Make sure you plan out the activities well in advance before the final day of the party. Since yachts are fun as it is, you don’t need to plan complex games. Simple games such as “Truth or Dare” or “Would You Rather” are always fun games. The great aspect of yachts is you can do nautical activities.

Looking for a yacht birthday party in Dubai to Throw Your Dream Birthday Party? We, at JoJo Yachts, have a fully customized yacht to accommodate parties of all sizes and types. Call +971 52 5209619 or email and we’ll be in touch!

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