Best Sailing Destinations in Dubai 2022

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Best Sailing Destinations in Dubai 2022

What used to be barren desert land, Dubai, is now one of the most visited cities in the world. Not only that, but this coastal city is also now one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, and for a good reason! 

With the city situated on the gorgeous Arabian Gulf and surrounded by breathtaking artificial islands, canals and more, there is so much to see in Dubai on a yacht.

At JoJo Yachts, we offer a range of superyacht and megayacht charters for you to experience the magic of Dubai from the water.

Whether it’s a day trip or you want to hire a yacht for a week, here are the best sailing destinations in Dubai you have to visit while on a trip to this gorgeous coastal city.

Palm Jumeirah Islands 

One of the best Dubai sailing destinations is the Palm Jumeirah Islands, an artificial archipelago designed to provide you with an incredible scenic view of the breathtaking Arabian coastline. 

Home to one of the most popular luxury resorts in the world, Atlantis, The Palm, the Palm Jumeirah Islands is the perfect place to anchor up and marvel at the incredible 5-star resort and its beautiful surroundings. 

No matter what time of the day you visit, the views here are always stunning. 

Dubai Marina 

Sailing your yacht through the Dubai Marina is one of the easiest ways to appreciate the elegance of the canal and the Emirate’s most luxurious residential area. 

At the Dubai Marina, you can also gaze at the stunning Dubai skyline. On either side of the canal, you can see a range of fine dining restaurants, retail stores and hospitality establishments. 

The best time to visit the Dubai Marina is at sunset to watch the sky change colour and the lights illuminate on either side of the canal as the city comes alive. 

Dubai Creek 

Known by the locals as the “Creek”, this district is a cornerstone of Old Dubai and one of the most popular Dubai sailing destinations. 

A cruise through the Creek on your rental yacht will give you a first-hand experience of what the traditional side of the Emirates looks like. 

Over the years, due to an increase in population and the number of boats going through, the Creekside has been widened numerous times, making it even more of a destination to visit.

If you want to experience traditional Dubai, then the Creek is one of the best Dubai sailing destinations in 2022 to add to your list. 

The World Islands

Probably one of the most famous landmarks in the UAE, the World Islands is one of the best Dubai sailing destinations because of its uniqueness and sheer beauty. 

Situated on the city’s coastline, the World Islands is an artificial archipelago made to look like the world and is comprised of 300 islands. 

It is one of the best sailing destinations because as you cruise past the islands, you are rewarded with spectacular views of the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The World Islands is also home to some of the wealthiest residents in the world, making them another reason to visit on your yacht charter.


Antarctica, the World Islands

Since the World Islands are made up of 300 small islands, it means there are so many to visit! However, Antarctica is one of the best to sail to on your yacht.

Since the island is still underdeveloped, you can only anchor there and swim to the island if you wish. As well as being home to stunning azure water, Antarctica provides one of the best views of the Dubai skylines, perfect for gazing at any time of the day, making it one of the best Dubai sailing destinations.

Lebanon Island, the World Islands

Another one of the World Islands that is one of the best Dubai sailing destinations is Lebanon Island. 

Not only is this island great for sailing to, but the scenery from the yacht on the way there is just as beautiful. The route to Lebanon Island takes you past the currently deserted islands of South America, North Africa and Southern Europe, home to beautiful beaches soon to be popular tourist spots.

Once you arrive at the private jetty on Lebanon Island and moor up, you can hop off your yacht and explore the 500,000 square feet beach club home to two stunning beaches. One beach boasts an incredible view of the Dubai skyline, and the other is home to a sheltered bay for swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. 

Dubai Water Canal

You wouldn’t think it because it’s not a beach, but the Dubai Water Canal is one of the best places to cruise through on your charter yacht. 

The best time to visit the Dubai Water Canal is in the early evening when the sky changes colours as you cruise past the fountains, Al Habtoor City and the beautifully lit Waterfall Bridge. 

Bluewaters Island 

Located near the Palm Jumeirah Islands is the impressive Bluewaters Island. Home to residential, retail, hospitality and entertainment precincts, Bluewaters Island, is one of the top attractions in Dubai, and it’s even better from the water! 

Anchor your yacht on the JBR Beach side of Bluewaters Island near sunset to be rewarded with spectacular sunset views as the sun goes down and the Ferris wheel on the island lights up into the colours of the rainbow.

Best Yachts to Rent in Dubai 

If you and your partner, your family or a group of friends are travelling to Dubai and want to explore it by yacht, then chartering a yacht from JoJo Yachts is your best choice. 

Our most popular yachts to explore the best Dubai sailing destinations include

2008 Year of Built
20 Guests
136 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 18000
/ day
AED 180000
2020 Year of Built
20 Guests
116 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 15000
/ day
AED 180000
2011 Year of Built
30 Guests
131 ft
5 Crew
/ hour
AED 16000
/ day
AED 160000
2007 Year of Built
20 Guests
85 ft
3 Crew
/ hour
AED 4000
/ day
AED 40000
2018 Year of Built
30 Guests
125 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 15000
/ day
AED 180000
2004 Year of Built
20 Guests
95 ft
4 Crew
/ hour
AED 5500
/ day
AED 55000

So, whether you spend a couple of hours sailing around Dubai or the entire day, we have an extensive range of stunning superyachts and megayachts to choose from at JoJo Yachts.

With so many beautiful destinations to visit within Dubai, such as The World Islands, Palm Jumeirah Islands and Dubai Creek, you can’t take a trip to this city without experiencing what it looks like from the ocean. 

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